Omar Salman




Personal Detail

Omar Salman was born in Belgium and started playing tennis at the age of 3. He learned a lot from his tennis career, both physically and personally.

In 2009 he joined the Belgian Tennis Federation as a player until 2017.

4 times in a row Belgian champion (the only one in Belgium), an Olympic bronze medal and under 18 years he made it to the world top 100.

He started his professional career in 2015 with his first title at the age of 19.

In 2017 he left Belgium to train in Spain, where he managed to reach 449th in the world.

During all these years, he lived and learned everything about tennis, namely how hard it is physically and mentally, but also that it was his passion and still is, but in a different way.

This has helped him today to be able to show others the art of tennis in many ways, whether a beginner, a mid-level player or a very high level. Tennis has been his life and his profession since he was a kid, which now he wants to share and help others to enjoy tennis as he did.